My name is

Philani Ncube.

My goal is to build websites that turn users into customers

I am a self taught front end developer. I have been helping my clients bring their businesses into the digital age. In many cases this has been the first time their businesses have been online. I pride myself not, only in helping my clients reach new customers, but I help educate them on the opportunities that the web can provide them.

Web Dev

About Me

I have always loved technology and the internet from the first time I connected to the worl wide web using a dial-up modem.

I have developed a passion for web development because it allows me to help people bring their ideas to life in a creative way that can provide material benefit to them.

I am now currently looking to join an new team that I can be a valuable member of. Given the opportunity to contribute to a team I can bring my experience from the different positions that I have been in, in my working and freelance career up to now.

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Web Dev

Philani Ncube

From Zimbabwe

My Web Development Journey

Wordpress 2016 - 2017

I started getting interested in web development and started playing around with Wordpress. I was attracted to the low barrier to entry because at first it seemed I did not need to know any actual programming language to start

Magento, HTML, CSS 2017 - 2018

As one of the more tech savy people working at the Bookshop I used to work at, I was tasked with managing our newly built Magento website. I was the one to speak to the developers we had contracted to build the website. It was also at this point that I started to learn HTML & CSS in order to make updates to our company website without having to contact the developers.

Javascript 2017 - 2019

Once I had a grasp of HTML & CSS, the natural thin was to add Javascript to my toolbelt. It is as this point that I started to realise that web development was the career I wanted to pursue going forward. During this time I was also still managing our company Magento website and taking up more and more responsibility on updating the site ysing the Magento block editor. I also built out 2 Wordpress websites for other business units in our group of companies.

React, REST APIs, GraphQL 2020 - 2022

At this point I started freelancing and the Covid19 hit which and the Bookstore I used to work for since 2014 closed down. There I went full-time as a freelancer. The first project I took was create a React based ecommerce store that served the same customers as the University Bookstore I used to work for. In working as a freelancer I started working with different REST APIs like SendGrid, Mailchimp & MongoDB

NextJS, Typescript 2021 - 2022

At the begining of 2021 I decided to rewrite my ecommerce website with NextJS so that I could take advantage of better SEO and I moved from MongoDB to Supabase as the database. Since then Supabase/Postgres has been my pick for the backend & database technology for the freelance projects I have been taking on. I have also decided to use Typescript as the default language I use in my projects.